Congratulations to all The Poker Pub players who won trips to Vegas and seats in the Amber Bock National Tournament. Thank you as well to our sponsors/partners at Amber Bock.

Click on the following images to get a glimpse of the action:

East Valley & West Valley

Stephanie & Kenda & Doug & Stephanie

Kickin' It in Margarittaville I

Kickin' It in Margarittaville II

Joe & Janice Leboda

The Poker Pub of The Greater Phoenix Area is very excited to bring Texas Hold-em Tournaments to the valley. So far the response has been overwhelming.

We have several weekly tournaments opening up all over the East & West Valley region. These tournaments are held in high quality establishments that offer a wide variety of unique attractions. Each location has also been chosen for having an excellent menu, great food and drink specials, and the atmosphere necessary to hold a top notch poker tournament. tournament. tournament. tournament.

Several more are already in the works, so stay tuned to the Website for new times and locations coming near you.

With no entry fee required you can play as often as you want without risk, so we hope to see everyone regularly around the area. The more players we have, the more locations we will seek. The more locations we hold tournaments at, the bigger the prizes will get.


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