Only four days left to qualify for the Daniel Negreanu tournament being held at BG's Lounge at I-10 and Elliott this Sunday. So get your game face on and finish first to qualify. Good luck to everyone!!!


Tom Paul , Don Robb , Johnnie Lewis, Lynn Sears, Sam Phillips, Eric Hoapaoja, Nasser Josh Curi, Josh Black, Veronica Etsitty, Kelley Roberts, Gene Molinaro, Robert O'Mara, Lee Suttles, Justin Pierson, Jamie Erickson, Dan Macchiaroli, Jason Stephany, Adam Albelo, Robert Peterson, Mike Miller, Michelle Kraus, Rocky Labonte, Barry Haddon, Bob Clarich, Jake Evans,Jerry Lademan
Terry Johnson, Mark Anderson, Steven Chia, Steve Snyder, James Jordan,Gordy Noyes, Angel Meehan, Henry Smith, Doug Dunyan,Tony McCardell, Marcet Roberts
Tony Huberty, Dan Hinkle, Neil Cangiolosi, Michael A.J, Stephen Villa, Lance Carlisle, Michelle Miller, Micheal Swain, Jason Hansen, David Brookins,Levi Lemaster, Carol Blevins, Bob Ricketts, Chris Young, Pete Quest, Lance May,Melissa Marek,Trisa Fultz, Cathy Clarich, Ryan Martin, Buddy Cook, Will Smith, Mark Locati, Tashia Paley, Arnie Kulasta, Carl Rider, Mike Veschio, Richard Duflo, Jacob Smack, Steve Whitaker, Terry Gutz, Jen Johnson, Patrick Lewis,
Ryan Jones, Bill Claddell, Lori Sherlock, Rod Milburn, Andy Hoyt, Joe Gregory, Lucas Engleking, Daniel Villgas, Chuck Wagner, Jen Johnson, Katherine Shelton, Anthony Gaglimao, Ron Domon, Tina Pendexter.Adam Sidoti, Leah Pierson, Ken Junkins, Justin Pierson, Erich Oakley, Celest Oakley, Travis Kim, Donald Boyer, Paul Gebhard,Fred James, Jeth Gonzales, Kyle Hammond, Joe Keeble, Gary Armes,
Dane Nielson, Raul Gonzalez, John Marrell, Mike Toresdahl, Stephen Bragg, Michael Tang, Kevin Swingle, Pete Fay, Phil Warren, John Dale, Brock Gasow, Rick Webb, Jason Hungerford, Mark Boswell, Eric Pollard, Frances Johnson,
Dave Cooper, Brad Curtis, Jesse Gidcum, Nick Reyes, Jeff Kwick, Andy Berens, Brad Gularte, Rob Hill, Nancy Allen, Melissa Smith, DJ Reville, Matt Way, Woody Bubar, Paul Kuntzelman, Chuck Balzer, Ryanne Wood, Israel Hernandez,Jonathan Minogue, Lisa Laezza, Michelle Kraus, James Elifritz, Marcy Postema, Tara Kudron, Jim Larkin, Ben Herrera, Bobbie Garcia, Katherine Szyndier, Robert Tetrault, Josh Curi, Chad Fleishman, Dean Martin, Tim Stutler, Grady Lafitte, Milton Caldwell, Terry Pierson, Donny Boyer, Beth Elliot, Matthew Wolfe, Craig Nill, Neil Baker, Pam Pecharich, Michelle Hall, Mary Huffman, Wilbur Longacre, Emily Strong, Bob Daly,
Bobby Rodden, Phil Hadley, Mary Smith, Tom Miller, Michael Tang, Richard Duflo, Art Nixon, Josh Harrington, Amy Rider, John Merrell, Lisa Rodier, Robert Swanigan, Katie Cook, Ron Pearl, Angel Meehan, Jonathan Minogue, Don Nielsen, Steve Bustillo,Keith Olsen, Tony Cropper,Michael Hall, Peggy McCoy, Shawn Ensman, Carol Blevins, Bryant Honyouti, James Avise, John Flores, Jeremy Buckrucker, Mike McCracken, Tim Montgomery, Dan Huffstetter, Andy Salamone, Wilbur Longacre, Floyd Reiher, Neil Baker, John Lepper, Huck Cultreri, Melisa Darby, Steve Harbaugh, Trisa Fultz, Richard Aston, Mike Croft, Robert Callicut, Lance Gabbard, Matt Thetford, Mary Huffman, Tom Frazier, Curt Brown, Shawn Johnson, Michelle Kraus, Jeff Newburg, Jason Shaw, Brad Becker, Susan Evans,Andy Gynizse, Kari Torgenson, Ben Herrera, Jason Harrah, Donnie Waite, Kim Hutson, Erik Pollard, Marista Wood, Bob Daly, Rick Contryman, Teresa Bothne, Jay Crook, Gil Dowd, Barbara Morrissey, Ann Cheeney, Bob Frederick, Freddie Strazzanti, Courtney Stephenson, David Steyer, Suzanne Fenton, Robert Conway,Bill Meehan, Renee Shoushani, Michael Hall, Pam Sutton, Glen Woolard, Jim Sumey, Jody Smith, Mike Scarpelli, Laverne Thomas, Neil Baker, Doug Bartlebaugh, Ted Williams, Matthew Razo, Phil Warren, Stacy Sesate, Russ Owen, Ray Lewis, Bennett Hutto, Troy Brock, Jason Barcon, Dan Walsh, Lisa Brewer, Kathy Eichberger, Qirsten Lewis, Alex Nunez, James Bills,Tim Ott, Phil Barth, Peggy Mccoy, Melissa Smith, Mary Danielson, Mark Anderson (07/10/1970), Chad Mills, Bill Worcester, Pat Young, Darlene Kaminski, Carrie Campardo, Robert Conway, Michael Chambers, Dave Morrisey, Robert Tetrault, Darren Sivley, Corbin Snyder, Lisa Porter, Bob Frederick




The Poker Pub is pleased to announce an Exclusive offer for our players!!! All TPP players are invited to come out to EVERY nightly tournament and play for a chance to become Daniel Negreanu's protege!! The Poker Pub is the ONLY free poker league in the nation that is offering this opportunity, exclusively for YOU!!

Starting September 18th, the winner of each nightly session will win an entry into a special Qualifying Tournament to be held at BG'S Lounge in the Best Western at I-10 and Elliot, October 29th, start time is at 5pm registration is at 3pm. The winner of the special Qualifying tournament will advance to play at a final table, of 8 Poker Pub players from around the nation. The winner of the "Final 8" tournament will win a seat in a special 10 person online single table tournament. The winner of the 10 person online event will win a trip to Atlantis Resort Paradise Island (Bahamas), and a seat at a 10 person live single table tournament. The winner of the Bahamas tournament will become Daniel Negreanu's protege.

The top 8 at each local qualifying tournament and all players who participate in the "Final 8" tournament in Phoenix, AZ will be awarded prizes, courtesy of Daniel Negreanu and The Poker Pub.


Congratulations to Robert J. Eichberger the winner of the WPT Boot Camp giveaway. Robert made the top three in the late qualifier to advance to the final table were he outlasted all the other finalists. The other finalists were, Grace Rehban, Ernie Chaney, Lance May, Darren Sivley, Brandon Snodgrass, and from the west side, Deriz Groff, Skip Geroux, Janice Leboda, Travis Randall. Thanks to everyone who came out, and when you see Robert give him a pat on the back he deserves it.

Congratulations to Freddie Strazzanti (Tempe, Az) The Poker Pub Inc.'s 1st National Champion!!! We would also like to congratulate all of the participants who played. A great time was had by all!!!!!

Check out the rest of the pictures from the Tournament!

Freddy's Story
By Bryan Sharp

Thousands of Poker Pub players from around the nation have been competing since February of 2004 for a chance to play in the “big one” The 2005 World Series of Poker! With The Poker Pub, Inc. league, players earn points and great prizes on a nightly basis. Every 4 to 6 weeks, these players compete in regional events for a seat in The Poker Pub, Inc. National Tournament of Champions. The latest TOC was held at The Legendary Stardust Hotel & Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada in June. The tournament began with 51 players representing 11 markets. One of those players was Freddy Strazzanti from Tempe, Arizona. Freddy was wearing his “lucky” poker shirt. (check out the picture) As the field narrowed, Freddy steadily and methodically built up his chip stack. He made it to the final table with a lot of ammunition to fire at his opponents. Freddy was able to avoid any major battles, and made some great lay downs. When the smoke cleared, he found himself heads up against Timm Thacker from Topeka, Kansas. Timm won the first Topeka Regional TOC to qualify for the national tournament. It didn't take long for Timm to utter those two words that we all love to hear “All In!” Freddy only hesitated for a second before saying “I call!” The cards were turned over for the showdown. Freddy was in the lead with top pair -jacks. Timm had a pair of tens, and when the turn and river cards were blanks, Freddy had won the first Poker Pub National Tournament of Champions! Freddy's job commitments prevented him from playing in the main event of the World Series of Poker. Instead, he chose to take a buy in to the $1,000 one day No Limit Hold-Em event, and a load of cash. Freddy (still wearing his lucky shirt) played very well, and managed to navigate his way through over half the field of 1200 players before his All In bet with “Big Slick Suited” got called by King-Queen off suit. The river was the 10 of hearts giving his opponent the straight. Freddy said that he would always remember that card-the 10 of hearts. We (Tom Wiley, Freddy and Myself) stayed in Vegas for a couple of days and played a lot of live action Hold Em. Freddy told me that it was one of the best experiences of his life, and that he learned a lot about the game while playing against some of the best in the world! He also said he would be back next year to defend his crown as The Poker Pub, Inc. National Champion!

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